Home no longer feels home

One day or another we all get to that point where we no longer feel at home in our own skin. There is always that thing that takes the tranquillity in us away, leaving our dusty beings at war.

It could be something that you want so much, that it actually makes you anxious
It could be that you are simply so angry at life and you need to feel a sense of belonging in this world, after all, who wants to be where they do not belong for long? whatever the situation is about all you know is it has TO STOP

When this happens, you can no longer afford to fear change. As dreadful as it may sound, you have to step out of your comfort zone.
some form of emotions makes us want to change too!
Have you ever been so angry at someone, that you would chop their head off with your bare hands? I know that feeling.

In all sorts of situations that make us feel no longer at home in our own skin, however, when it comes to change we need to act with due diligence but above all with a strong emotional intelligence.

A friend am so fond of told me, emotions with no intelligence or vice versa could leave room for catastrophic consequences and I add “It could give a hand to self-destruction”

What good comes from lamenting and crying? Am not sure how to advise; am not from here.
Where I come from when we are not satisfied with what we have, where we are or when we really feel we deserve better than what we are being given.
We step up and take what want, it really belongs to us ….that easy.

The point is not feeling at home, rather finding/making a place where you feel home.

This comes at a cost too! If you are willing to die to yourself, you might as well be a conqueror of your own empire.

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