Do not get trapped in adulthood expectations, it will drain life out of you. Dare to be dope, let your soul blossom
Thank you Rita for the light


“I just want you to find a good job, my daughter.” I’ve heard this phrase come out of my mother’s mouth more times than I’ve tried to perfect my twerk in the mirror.

What she means to convey is that she wants me to be financially stable. Insurance, savings, something to my name— maybe a car or a house. You know, the adult thing that warrants respect from society. In her world, these benefits can only be realised through a 9-5 structure. This was the reality for most people from her generation. I get it. What parent wouldn’t want those things for their child?

It’s been two years since I swore off ever sitting in an office 8 hours a day, five days a week. I tried that route and never felt so distant from self like I did during that period. The journey has been nothing short of full…

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